Professor David Moeller

Project Title: 
Plant Speciation, Native Prairie Plants, Invasive Species, and Range Limits

This group works in several areas of ecology and evolutionary biology, mostly of plants. They investigate the ecological and genetic mechanisms of speciation. They have also conducted work for 10+ years on the evolution of species' geographic range limits. That work includes native and invasive species. The group is also interested in the ecology and evolution of plant reproductive systems including plant-pollinator interactions and plant mating systems.

This group's research was featured on the MSI website in July 2019: Evaluating Species Distribution Models.

Project Investigators

John Benning
Associate Professor Yaniv Brandvain
Ryan Briscoe Runquist
Lauren Carley
Rachel Edidin
Trevor Gould
Aidan Harrington
Brooke Kern
Thomas Lake
Professor David Moeller
Taz Mueller
Zachary Radford
Shelley Sianta
Lauren Sullivan
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