Professor Sofia Mogilevskaya

CSENG Civil, Envrn & Geo- Eng
College of Science & Engineering
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Computational Framework for Modeling Emerging Generation of Composite Materials With Thin Layers and Two-Dimensional Reinforcements

This research is concerned with the development of novel methodology to accurately and efficiently model emerging generations of composite materials with thin and ultrathin layers by simulating the layers by interfaces of zero thicknesses and specially designed higher-order jump conditions for the relevant fields. The developed interface models will be integrated into new FE and boundary elements (BE) formulations characterized by high-regularity basis functions. The research combines new concepts in analytical interface mechanics with recent developments in computational methods for continuum formulations with higher-order derivatives on complex surfaces. The goal is to establish an efficient theoretical-computational framework that has the capability to accurately simulate mechanical processes in composite materials with thin and ultrathin layers.

Project Investigators

Professor Sofia Mogilevskaya
Rohit Satish Patil
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