Professor David Morse

CSENG Chemical Eng & Mat Sci
College of Science & Engineering
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Computational Polymer Physics

Work in this group focuses on the use of analytic theory and computer simulations to elucidate molecular origins of the behavior of complex polymer fluids. The researchers focus primarily on self-assembling systems of block copolymers and surfactants, emphasizing the study of highly simplified models to study generic aspects of behavior, rather than on accurate atomistic simulations of specific chemical systems. Work completed in recent years used extensive simulations to characterize universal physical properties of block copolymer melts, and to study slow rare processes and transport in copolymer and surfactant solutions. Current work is focused on NSF-supported development of open-source software for stochastic field theoretic simulations of polymer liquids, which provide an attractive alternative to simulations of particle-based models for some applications.

Project Investigators

Anshul Chawla
Kexin Chen
Ryan Collanton
Professor David Morse
Joshua Mysona
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