Dr. Bryon Mueller

Project Title: 
Image Analysis

These researchers are using MSI to develop new QA methods and workflows for processing the agar phantom data collected on the MRI scanners at the Center for Magnetic Resonance Research. There is an enormous amount of QA data collected on these systems over the past 15 years (>2TB) and processing these data and evaluating processing methods requires a large amount of compute and storage capability. 

Projects that recently started using MSI resources include:

  • Dysfunctional State Representations in Psychosis: From Neurophysiology to Neuroplasticity-based Treatment
  • Measuring and Enhancing Creativity and Brain Flexibility in Adolescents with Depression
  • An intensive study tracking the brain changes over a weeks long timeframe from psilocybin exposure

Project Investigators

Zeynep Basgoze
Professor Kathryn Cullen
Michaelle DiMaggio-Potter
Celia Durkin
Dr. Erich Kummerfeld
Dr. Bryon Mueller
Carter Mulder
Dr. Jessica Nielson
Laura Padilla
Victoria Papke
Eric Rawls
Donovan Roediger
Michael-Paul Schallmo
Erendiz Tarakci
Timothy Wanger
Lei Xuan
Shulang Yue
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