Dr. Corcoran Jennifer Corcoran

CFANS Forest Resources
College of Food, Ag & Nat Res Sci
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Forest and Wetland Change Detection in Three Dimensions

To support the connection between state and private sustainable forest resources across the state, these researchers use cutting-edge, high spatial and temporal resolution satellite-based information to produce and disseminate 3D change maps of forests across all ownerships in Minnesota. Though creating forest canopy information from stereo imagery has been demonstrated for decades, frequent mapping and monitoring in 3D has not been possible until very recently. This is a crucial time to better understand our dynamic forests. This group is proposing an approach for mapping changes in the forest canopy that includes important forest metrics and delivers this product through free mapping services. By more frequently monitoring changes in our forest canopy with satellite remote sensing techniques, land managers will be capable of addressing emerging stand-to-landscape scale changes in the forest canopy. This project will enable stakeholders to understand their land with greater detail in 3D, thereby making management, conservation, and protection of our forests as modern and effective as possible, enhancing Minnesota’s forest resources for future generations.

Project Investigators

Dr. Corcoran Jennifer Corcoran
James Klassen
Keith Pelletier
Lucas Spaete
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