Professor Chad Myers

CSENG Computer Science & Eng
College of Science & Engineering
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Computational Systems Biology Lab

These researchers are generating and analyzing genetic and chemical-genetic interaction network data from a variety of species. They also have several projects involving analysis of human genetic variants to discover disease associations. Both of these thrusts in the lab benefit greatly from access to the powerful computing and data storage resources at MSI.

This research was featured on the MSI website in September 2018: Genetic Interactions as Predictors of Breast Cancer Risk.

Project Investigators

Michael Albrecht
Maximilian Billmann
Mehrad Hajiaghabozorgi
Hamed Heydari
Timothy Kunau
Xiaotong Liu
Jean-Michel Michno
Professor Chad Myers
Justin Nelson
A H M Mahfuzur Rahman
Hamid Safizadeh
Scott Simpkins
Nanwei Wang
Wen Wang
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