Professor William Northrop

CSENG Mechanical Engineering
College of Science & Engineering
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Combustion, Engine, and Vehicles Research

These researchers are working on a study that involves simulating the combustion of ammonia in air. Simulations will be performed with the computational fluid dynamics software OpenFOAM, using a customized solver that allows for mixture-averaged diffusion coefficients. The project includes experimental work, which will be used to verify the OpenFOAM simulations. The simulations will be used to study the effect of important combustion parameters and to gain insights into the combustion chemistry. The laminar flame simulations involve mixture-averaged diffusion properties and are computationally intensive, requiring the use of the MSI supercomputers.

A separate project involving big vehicle data may also use MSI resources to cut down on processing time. This second project involves using vehicle trajectory data to simulate millions of vehicles driving on the road across the continental U.S. The process can be highly parallelized but still requires significant file I/O.

Project Investigators

Matthew Eagon
Hye Won Lee
Professor William Northrop
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