Professor Jose Pardo

Project Title: 
Cognitive Aging

This group has been using the Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI) dataset to replicate and extend their intial results, namely that the principal area of decreased glucose metabolism in the healthy, human, resting brain localizes to the anterior cingulate cortex. Further, this decline correlates with diminished aging-related executive function. They have now replicated this finding in the dataset using coarse stereotactic templates. They now also find that this decline is not related to deposition of amyloid nor vascular risk factors. All of these data are associated with high-resolution MRI scans that will require using of FSL and FreeSurfer software on MSI hardware. The group also plans to begin using the Human Connectome Project software workbench that will have heavy computational needs.

Project Investigators

Joel Lee
Shantal Nyabwari
Professor Jose Pardo
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