Dr. Peter Kang

Medical School
Twin Cities
Project Title: 

This group has had a longstanding interest in the genetics and genomics of muscular dystrophy and other neurogenetic disorders. They have accumulated a significant amount of genomic data over the years, and plan to add to this database in the future. This genomic data is expected to include whole exomes, whole genomes, and transcriptomes. The researchers will also be looking at proteomics data from time to time. Analysis of these data will require storage and use of computational resources at MSI. The overall goal is to discover previously unknown pathogenic variants, ranging in size from single nucleotide variants to large structural variants. A newer project involves the analysis of genomic data for somatic variant loads, methylation patterns, and telomere lengths.

Project Investigators

Christine Bruels
Associate Professor Christopher Faulk
Mekala Gunasekaran
Dr. Peter Kang
Hannah Littel
Zhiyv Niu
Seth Stafki
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