Assistant Professor Karina Quevedo

Medical School
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Health and Emotions in Adolescents: Research and Trajectories

The Health and Emotions in Adolescents: Research and Trajectories (HEART) lab researches emotional disorders in adolescents using fMRI and real-time fMRI. The lab's primary study is focused on adolescents with major depression and adolescents with depression and a history of abuse or trauma, with an enrolled total of 230 participants. Two other small studies focus on adolescents with nonsuicidal self-injury and high levels of suicidality respectively. All of the these studies use fMRI tasks that focus on self concepts in order to illicit neurological pathways of self-processing. Group analyses are then run to examine the differences in self-processing in relation to emotional disorders. In addition to fMRI tasks, the researchers collect a structural MRI scan and a diffusion tensor imaging scan for each participant.

This group is also conducting cutting-edge research with real-time fMRI and are collaborating with MSI staff to process the data in a cost-effective and user-friendly fashion.

Project Investigators

Natasha Ahrweiler
Darby Burroughs
Madelyn Castro
Assistant Professor Nicholas Davenport PhD
Andrew DiLernia
Maggie Engstrom
Katia Kozachok
Julie Lee
Ryan Liengswangwong
Guanmin Liu
Tomoyo Morita
Dr. Bryon Mueller
Hoang-Giang Nguyen
Sewon Oh
Dr. David Porter
Assistant Professor Karina Quevedo
Jun Seok Ryoo
Carmen Santana-Gonzalez
Erika Schultz
Zhenan Shao
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