Dr. Reena Kartha PhD

PHARM Experimental&Clin Pharm
College of Pharmacy
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
MicroRNAs as Potential Biomarkers in Epilepsy

Drug-resistant epilepsy often starts with an isolated prolonged convulsion in early life, a remission period, followed by recurring intractable seizures. Early life seizures can have both acute and long-lasting effects on the rapidly developing brain. Several studies have investigated changes in microRNAs (miRNAs) in pre-clinical models of status epilepticus, specifically focusing on hippocampus. miRNAs are small RNA molecules that post-transcriptionally regulate gene expression. These researchers will use a “two-hit” seizure model to study the epileptogenic effect of early life seizures and to understand the effect of early life seizures on miRNA expression in cortex, hippocampus, and blood.

Project Investigators

Bridget Curtin
Travis Gates
Dr. Reena Kartha PhD
Chenxu Li
Jaehyeok Roh
Dr. Anne Sarver
Angelo Yuan
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