Dr. Sapna Sarupria

CSENG Chemistry
College of Science & Engineering
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Molecular Simulations of Soft Matter

The Sarupria group uses molecular dynamics (MD) simulations to study soft matter and condensed phases. Their expertise is in pushing the limits of MD simulations by developing and applying rare event methods to study processes such as nucleation. These processes involve high free energy barriers and are typically inaccessible through straightforward MD simulations. They also study large biological systems such as viruses and large protein assemblies. These involve performing large scale all-atom simulations with explicit water.

Current projects using MSI include:

  • Virus stabilization using additives
  • Simulations of nucleation of salt systems using path sampling techiques
  • Development of path sampling techniques
  • Studying heterogeneous ice nucleation
  • Peptide adsorption on surfaces

Project Investigators

Salman Bin Kashif
Sina Chiniforoush
Varun Gopal
Steven Hall
Porhouy Minh
Praveen Muralikrishnan
Daniel Pert
Dr. Sapna Sarupria
Naomi Trampe
Neetu Yadav
Alexander Yount
Jonathan Zajac
Youchi Zhang
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