Associate Professor Peter Seiler Jr

CSENG Aerospace Eng & Mechanic
College of Science & Engineering
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Wind Farm Modeling and Control

Current industrial turbines are controlled to maximize the power achieved by each individual turbine. This is the optimal strategy for each individual turbine but is sub-optimal for the wind farm as whole. The objective ofthis research is to design control algorithms to maximize overall power and regulate wake meandering, and reduce structural loads on turbines within a wind farm. This will lead to significant decreases in the cost of wind energy. The research makes use of a simulation package for modeling wind farms, Simulator fOr Wind Farm Applications, SOWFA, developed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. This simulation package models the fluid dynamics within the wind farm. The researchers have used this software in the past to analyze the fluid dynamics within a wind farm and have added closed-loop controllers to the turbines in the simulations to provide more realistic operating conditions.

Project Investigators

Edward Samson
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