Dr. Lianne Siegel

PUBHL Biostatistics Division
School of Public Health
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Biostatistics - Research Synthesis

The mission of this group is to develop statistical methods to aid in research synthesis and comparative effectiveness research and to foster collaboration among U of M students and faculty conducting research in these areas. Members develop statistical methods across many areas including multivariate and network meta-analysis, meta-analysis of diagnostic tests, causal inference in meta-analysis, and meta-analysis of normative data from both observational studies and randomized clinical trials. They are also interested in bridging the gap between statistical theory and practice (i.e. translational biostatistics) by publishing peer-reviewed high impact manuscripts that translate recent methodological advances to a clinical and epidemiological audience.

Project Investigators

Ziren Jiang
Dr. Lianne Siegel
Yansong Wen
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