Professor Ilja Siepmann

CSENG Chemistry
College of Science & Engineering
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Simulating Complex Chemical Systems and Processes

The Siepmann group develops a variety of computational chemistry tools including: Monte Carlo algorithms for efficient sampling of macromolecular conformations and spatial distributions in multi-component multi-phase systems; accurate and transferable force fields with multiple levels of resolution; first principles simulation approaches; materials genome approaches for the discovery of functional materials; and large-scale molecular simulations to investigate thermodynamic and transport properties relevant to turbulent multi-phase flows of aqueous systems. The Siepmann group applies these computational tools to investigate phase, sorption, and chemical equilibria behavior, and self-aggregation behavior and partitioning in polar and non-polar bulk fluids and in heterogeneous and interfacial systems.

Current projects in the Siepmann group include:

  • High-throughput screening of nanoporous materials for energy applications
  • Understanding chromatographic retention processes including various forms of liquid chromatography and size exclusion chromatography
  • Understanding the solvation mechanisms in liquid-liquid and supercritical extraction systems and in surfactant solutions
  • Bubble nucleation and multi-phase flow
  • Predicting reactive phase equilibria using first principles simulations
  • Predicting PVT properties of interest for enhanced oil and gas recovery

The Siepmann group develops and mostly utilizes its own software programs. On MSI infrastructure, some of these applications use a parallelization hierarchy where large-scale distribution (say, 12 independent trajectories at 16 different state points/compositions) of small, but long runs (1 to 12 cores for 24 hours) are employed, whereas first principles simulations can efficiently utilize 256 to 8,192 cores.

Research from this group was featured on the MSI website in:

Project Investigators

Colin Bunner
Chun-Kai Chang
Jingyi Chen
Qile Chen
Research Assistant Robert DeJaco
Becky Eggimann
Chen Fan
Evgenii Fetisov
Jaclyn Haak
David Harwood
Tyler Josephson
Aleksandra Kudelkina
Rebecca Lindsey
Mona Minkara
Roshan Ashokbhai Patel
Dr. Mark Schure
Mansi Shah
Zhengyuan Shen
Professor Ilja Siepmann
Yangzesheng Sun
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