Professor Kingshuk Sinha

CSOM Supply Chain & Operations
Carlson School of Management
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
An Empirical Investigation into the Inter-relationship Between Clinical, Genomic, Racial and Socio-economic Disparities, and Their Effects on Cancer Treatment Outcomes

This project is an empirical investigation into the inter-relationships between clinical characteristics, genomic traits, and racial and socio-economic characteristics of patients, as well as their effects on cancer treatment outcomes. The specific objective of the project is to examine whether genomics can help to assess how socio-economic factors, primary and secondary clinical risk factors, and race and ethnicity manifest themselves in the causal pathways of cancer care delivery and the associated disparities in the delivery of such care. The project findings have the potential to inform the development of a prioritization scheme to address issues that induce disparity in cancer care treatment outcomes. The secondary clinical risk factors will be measured as risk tolerance to alcoholism, cigarette smoking, exposure to carcinogens or corrosive chemicals, age, etc. The dataset for this study has been assembled with data collected from multiple sources including 23andMe and UKBiobank. The dataset includes a mix of data on socio-demographic measures, physical measures, geographical measures, genome sequencing data, and SNP data.

Project Investigators

Bhupinder Juneja
Professor Kingshuk Sinha
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