Associate Professor Magdalena Stolarska

Project Title: 
Mathematical Modeling of Retrograde Flow and Actin Machinery in Spreading Cells

Cells respond to their environment mechanically and biochemically. In earlier work, these researchers have investigated the role of substrate stiffness on cell spreading in a 2D framework. To allow for greater numerical tractability and increased speed with which numerical experiments can be conducted, they have recently reduced the 2D model to a axisymmetric framework in which computations are effectively done in 1D. This has allowed for inclusion of more details of the mechanical-biochemical interactions that occur during cell spreading. The goal of the project for 2020 is to use mathematical modeling and numerical simulations to investigate the effects of substrate stiffness on modulating the coupling between protrusive activity and actin retrograde flow during cell spreading.

Project Investigators

Associate Professor Magdalena Stolarska
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