Professor Robert Straka

Project Title: 
Pharmacogenomics and Precision Medicine

These researchers are using MSI resources for three projects:

  • Very-Important Pharmacogene in Hmong (VIP-Hmong) study. Targeted human gene sequencing for 48 samples has been performed and aligned to the human reference genome. All data is stored at MSI. The expected work in 2024 includes base quality recalibration, read filters, and SNP detection.
  • Hmong Microbiome ANd Gout, Obesity, Vitamin C (HMANGO-C) study: This project is a collaboration with Associate Professor Dan Knights (Computer Science and Engineering; BioTechnology Institute). Gut microbiome and human genomic DNA will be sequenced for 180 participants in the HMANO-C study. The expected work in 2024 includes conducting whole-genome shotgun sequencing for 720 stool samples at 20M reads per sample. The analysis will follow QIIME2 protocol for all the samples.
  • GWAS Analysis for the Genetics of Lipid Lowering Drugs and Diet (GOLDN) study: The researchers will conduct a genome wide association study to examine the association between genetic variants and fenofibrate effects on serum urate. The data consists of 906,600 SNPs genotyped from Affymetric Genome-Wide Human 6.0 array in 1,327 Caucasian participants. The dataset is about 110 GB. 

Project Investigators

Suzie Hoops
Associate Professor Dan Knights
Professor Robert Straka
Boguang Sun
Ya-Feng Wen
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