Professor Subree Subramanian PhD

Medical School
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Elucidating the Molecular Mechanisms That Modulate the Anti-Cancer Immune Response and Control Malignant Transformation and Progression in Cancer

This research program can be broadly classified into four major complementary areas that intersect in each of the lab’s primary research projects:

  • Understanding the mechanism of malignant transformation and progression in colon cancer
  • Elucidating the molecular mechanisms that modulate the anti-cancer immune response
  • Development of novel analysis tools and strategies to understand cancer gene regulation
  • Identification and development of novel biomarkers and therapeutics in osteosarcoma

Research by this group was featured on the MSI website in January 2016: Genetic Differences in Osteosarcoma Subtypes.

Project Investigators

Hannah Bergom
Travis Gates
Dr Praveensingh Hajeri
Adam Herman
Dr. Justin Hwang
Dr. Lauren Mills
Ajay Prakash
Dr. Anne Sarver
Dr. Aaron Sarver
Dr. Christopher Staley
Professor Subree Subramanian PhD
Mr. Ruping Sun
Dechen Wangmo
Angelo Yuan
Xianda Zhao
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