Professor Suo Yang

CSENG Mechanical Engineering
College of Science & Engineering
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Modeling and Simulation of Reacting Flows

This research broadly involves first-principles based modeling and simulation of reacting flows, including combustion, turbulence, soot aerosols, and plasma physics, and their multiscale interactions. The goals are developing and utilizing high-fidelity and computationally efficient predictive tools to gain fundamental understanding of the physico-chemical processes in reacting flows, and to design and control advanced propulsion and power-generation systems (primarily gas turbines and reciprocating engines) for energy sustainability.

Current interests include:

  • Computational fluid dynamics of turbulent reacting flows: large eddy simulation and direct numerical simulation
  • Evolution of soot, aerosols, and dusty plasmas in (turbulent) reacting flows: engine emissions and advanced manufacturing
  • Plasma/ozone assisted ignition, combustion, and fuel reforming
  • Chemical kinetics, mechanism reduction, and dynamic adaptive chemistry
  • Supercritical mixing and combustion: rocket engines and high-pressure gas turbines
  • Numerical methods for partial differential equations and high-performance parallel computing

Research by this group was featured on the MSI website in June 2023: Computational Model to Predict Nitrogen Oxides.



Project Investigators

Henry Dikeman
Rudram Dushe
Chujun Fu
Praise Noah Johnson
Collin Lief
Sai Ranjeet Narayanan
Pradeep Kumar Pavalavanni
Suryanarayan Ramachandran
Gihun Shim
Justin Smet
Navneeth Srinivasan
Taaresh Sanjeev Taneja
Professor Suo Yang
Hongyuan Zhang
Shufan Zou
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