Professor Tianxi Li

CLA Statistics, School of
College of Liberal Arts
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Statistical Machine Learning and Network Analysis

Statistical Machine Learning and Network Analysis are rapidly evolving fields that intersect to address complex challenges in understanding and interpreting the vast amount of data generated in various domains. This group's recent research in this area focuses on developing advanced algorithms that can efficiently learn from and make predictions about networked data. This involves leveraging statistical methods to uncover underlying patterns and relationships within large networks, such as social networks, biological networks, and technological systems. The researchers are particularly interested in how machine learning techniques can be adapted to consider the unique properties of network data, including the modeling of node interactions, community structures, and network dynamics. Key areas of exploration include the use of graph neural networks, clustering algorithms, and anomaly detection methods to analyze network topology, predict network evolution, and identify influential nodes. These efforts are not only enhancing our understanding of complex networks but are also contributing to advancements in areas like social media analytics, epidemiology, and cybersecurity, where network analysis plays a crucial role.

Project Investigators

Qinyao Guo
Jeonghwan Lee
Professor Tianxi Li
Mingyu Qi
Lei Zhang
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