Associate Professor Tracy Twine

CFANS Soil, Water & Climate
College of Food, Ag & Nat Res Sci
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
High Resolution Climate Modeling at Multiple Scales Across the Upper Midwest

These researchers are finalizing their data post-processing of their dynamically downscaled climate projections across Minnesota using the Weather Research and Forecast Model (WRF), continuing work on a project entitled “Integrated Urban Infrastructure Solutions for Environmentally Sustainable, Healthy and Livable Cities,” and beginning a new project to dynamically downscale climate projections in the states of Iowa and Illinois. The Twine group is providing high-resolution datasets output from WRF to these collaborative projects.

  • The researchers are using the WRF to simulate the urban region surrounding the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. The goal is to quantify surface exchanges of energy and water between the atmosphere and surface of backyard grasses and gardens, as well as community gardens, and to evaluate whether these backyard or community gardens have a cooling effect, and if so, to what extent. WRF has not been run at fine resolution over this region before, but the researchers aim to replicate the modeling framework of previous studies that have successfully captured the urban form of cities in China, and then evaluate what adjustments to the model need to be made to characterize the urban canopy of Minneapolis-St Paul. Model nesting is required similar to what we are performing for previous two WRF projects, along with a fine grid containing the Minneapolis-St Paul region.
  • Colleagues at Iowa State University were impressed with the climate datasets the group developed for the state of Minnesota using MSI to run the WRF model. They asked the Twine gropu to collaborate on a project to simulate climate change impacts on several watersheds for which they are making empirical measurements in Iowa and Illinois. The group plans to extend the domain of their previous project south and eastward so that they may be able to stitch datasets together and have a larger Upper Midwest domain of climate data available for the scientific community. 

Project Investigators

Gabriel Konar-Steenberg
Dr. Stefan Liess
Allison Serakos
Associate Professor Tracy Twine
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