Dr. Uzma Samadani

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UM Rochester
Project Title: 
Traumatic Brain Injury Classification and Outcome Assessment

The goal of this research is to create an objective, multimodal classification scheme and outcome assessment for traumatic brain injury (TBI) based on radiographic measures, eye tracking, and blood-based biomarkers. The failure of current clinical assessment at both onset and long-term follow-up to classify brain injuries based on subtle pathology is a major barrier in the field’s ability to move forward in testing novel therapeutics and prophylactics. Because of this barrier, over 30 clinical trials have failed in the last 25 years. By establishing a classification scheme that can capture each patients’ underlying pathology more specifically, clinical trials will be able to stratify patients into more homogenous experimental groups, and clinical outcomes will be able to be predicted more accurately and targeted in novel treatments.

Project Investigators

Scarlett Cheong
Sharada Kadaba Sridhar
Professor Rui Kuang
Dr. Uzma Samadani
Assistant Professor Yuk Sham
Tianci Song
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