Scott Scott Vrieze

CLA Psychology
College of Liberal Arts
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Genetic Association Studies of Addiction and Mental Illness

These researchers conduct genetic association studies of genetic variants and addiction/mental illness outcomes. They conduct bioinformatic analyses to attempt to understand the implicated genomic function of any associated genes.

Project Investigators

Professor Saonli Basu
Lauren Berry
Luke Evans
Allison Fialkowski
Alexandros Giannelis
Meng Huang
Seon-Kyeong Jang
Matthew Keller
Yuri Kim
Robert Krueger
Assistant Professor James Lee
Dajiang Liu
Mengzhen Liu
Frank Mann
Jacqueline Otto
Emilie Reard
Gretchen Saunders
Eric Thibodeau
Scott Scott Vrieze
Xingyan Wang
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