Professor Rick Wagner

PHARM Medicinal Chemistry
College of Pharmacy
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Development of Antiviral and Anticancer Therapeutics

The goal of this laboratory is to apply the principles of chemical biology and medicinal chemistry to the design of new chemical- and cell-based therapies by:

  • Applying chemical induced dimerization to guide the self-assembly of protein nanorings that can be used for drug delivery, tumor imaging, and the targeting of immune and stem cells for tumor targeting or tissue regeneration
  • Designing therapeutic nucleotide prodrugs that can be targeted to and activated by diseased tissues
  • Uncovering the natural function of Hint proteins and applying this knowledge to the design of anticancer, antiviral drugs, and new pain medications

Project Investigators

Nicole Bentz
Viktor Boris
Makayla Brzycki
Declan Dahlberg
Maxwell Dillenburg
Soumajit Gayen
Abhishek Kulkarni
Caitlin Lichtenfels
Brandi Mcknight
Lakmal Rozumalski
Jigar Paras Sethiya
Jacob Smith
Professor Rick Wagner
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