Professor Zhi Yang

CSENG Biomedical Engineering
College of Science & Engineering
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Bioelectronics and Signal Processing

The NeuroElectronics lab innovates emerging brain interface technologies and implantable neuroelectronics. They believe neuro-AI chips, in the future, will be able to read and understand human thoughts - tiny devices that bridge the mind and the world. Over the past seven years, the researchers have been focusing on neural recording, processing, and stimulation chips, from technology development to animal experiments, and recently human clinical trials.

This research can have exciting applications. For example, it will allow amputee patients to control a dexterous robotic hand to open a door with the key, and enable new electroceutical therapies to treat diseases and conditions where current drug- or surgery-based therapies fall short.

Project Investigators

Brian Lim
Xiao Ling
Professor Zhi Yang
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