Dr. Shuxia Zhang

Project Title: 
Use of AI in Financial Analytics

This research focuses on applying advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and emerging tools developed in big data and cloud technologies. Special work components are:

  • Teaching: A course of Principal Finance is being offered at Metropolitan State University. The objective is to equip senior undergraduates with extra desired skills and build their job readiness through the access and/or the use of advanced platform and tools in collecting, analyzing, and interpreting financials of special interest, in addition to what they learn in the traditional finance course.
  • Research: Relative to stock markets where AI has been widely adopted, the bond markets still do their trades in the traditional manner. These researchers will explore new AI uses in the fixed income markets for the following objectives:
    • To help investors quickly identify the extreme opportunities and capitalize the benefit of AI
    • To better manage the risks associated in their investments

Project Investigators

Dr. Shuxia Zhang
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