Elmo (Sun Fire X4600 Linux Cluster)


Elmo is no longer available as a stand-alone resource. As of November 12, 2012, Elmo has been reconfigured to join the Laboratory Interactive pool of resources.  Please follow the instructions below to migrate your work to lab resource or Itasca.

Given the recent deployment of large memory, last generation nodes in Itasca, Elmo has been reconfigured to join the Laboratory Interactive pool of resources.  On November 12th 2012, MSI began transitioning Elmo. The transition process is now complete. Elmo is accessible to MSI users as a large memory resource for interactive jobs, or for batch jobs submitted to the Laboratory queues. Elmo usage will not incur Service Unit (SU) charges, and will not be a part of the pool of resources allocated yearly. Users are advised to use the lab queue or Itasca and its sandy bridge nodes as a replacement for Elmo.

Data on Elmo:  Please be aware that home directories on Elmo are unique to the Elmo system. Users need to copy any data they wish to maintain from their Elmo home directory. To aid this process, Elmo home directories have been temporarily mounted on Itasca, NX and login under /home/elmo1 and /home/elmo2. If your username is ‘johndoe’, your Elmo home directory could be /home/elmo1/johndoe or /home/elmo2/johndoe. Home directories will continue to be available on Itasca, NX and login until January 31st, 2013.

Software:  Please be aware that the CentOS-based environment now used throughout MSI differs from the legacy software environment on Elmo, and hence users may need to adapt their jobs or request that additional software be installed. If you believe a software is critical for your research and it is not currently available on laboratory machines or Itasca, please send an email to help@msi.umn.edu.

Service Units on Itasca: For large memory jobs, the new SandyBridge addition to Itasca will be a much better system than Elmo.  Users wishing to take advantage of these nodes will need to have a current SU allocation or obtain an SU allocation from MSI. If you need an SU account, please request your PI to complete the MSI Allocation page. To avoid delays, please start this process as soon as possible.