LCSE-MSI Visualization Laboratory


The LCSE-MSI Visualization Laboratory (LMVL) mission is to serve the high-end computation and visualization needs of investigators in all fields of science. This laboratory provides researchers with access to a large-screen visualization system, capable of detailed high-resolution display. The laboratory can also be used for immersive visualization, employing active 3D stereo and motion tracking.



The LMVL is located in Room 125 of Walter Library.


The lab is available by appointment for escorted access only. Contact to arrange an appointment.

Getting U Card Access

To get physical access to the LMVL, you need to have an active MSI lab account and an active U Card. Please send the following information to with the subject heading "U Card Access to the LMVL".  In the email, also provide your full legal name, your student/staff ID number, your U Card number, and your primary PI.

Getting Help

For all technical support questions, email, call 612.626.0802, or visit room 587 Walter Library, near the SDVL.


Equipment in the LMVL.