MSI Laboratories Technical Information

Remote Logins

For remote access to Linux resources, please see MSI's guide to remote access for labs. Information is also available about configuring clients for interactive connections and file transfer.

Using the PBS Job Queue in the Labs

MSI uses the Portable Batch System (PBS), a queueing system for submitting serial and parallel jobs, for batch processing of jobs for lab and HPC users alike. Documentation for PBS use in the labs will assist users in preparing and submitting job scripts.

User Environment

The lab systems employ the Modules package for manipulating user environments. To view a list of available modules type module avail at the command prompt.

VideoScratch in SDVL

The VideoScratch file system on the video editing workstation m2, a Mac OS X machine, is available in /Volumes/Scratch for fast temporary working space. This space will never be backed up.

Please clean up when you are done with work files on this space.

Web-based Programs:

There are multiple web-based programs, some of which may require a separate username/password. Below are some popular web-based programs. Note that some of these sites are only accessible from within the MSI network, such as from the lab or a remotely accessible Windows server:


Please use the following commands to print:

lpr -Pprintername filename

For a list of printers in each lab, check the hardware page for the corresponding lab. See the lab policies page for printing policies.