Windows Application Servers

In addition to Windows PCs in various labs, MSI also provides remote-accessible Windows systems via Citrix XenDesktop. These servers can be accessed via the Citrix Receiver client, instructions for which can be found at the Citrix Receiver page.

MSI's Citrix XenDesktop systems are made up of four load-balanced pools of identical virtual machines with eight 2.70 GHz Intel Xeon E5-2680 cores and 61 GB RAM:

  • Default: 9 machines, for general-purpose computation.
  • GPU: 4 machines, equipped with NVidia K2 GPUs for graphics-intensive tasks.
  • GPU Exclusive: 4 machines, equipped with NVidia K2 GPUs. These machines can be reserved for exclusive use, but are available only on request to
  • Node-Locked Software: 1 machine, hosting software that is not compatible with the XenDesktop pool system.

Note: These systems are intended for interactive use. If you find that these servers cannot meet your needs, please try to transfer your work to our lab queue or an HPC system, or contact to request assistance in finding a suitable resource.

A few special-purpose Windows application servers exist for specific software and are noted on the software pages. Check the software page for the software in question to see where it is installed.