Important Information for Command-line Users of MSI Bioinformatics Software On January 14, 2013 several bioinformatics software packages installed at MSI will be upgraded to new versions that are not backward compatible with previous releases. This may potentially affect user workflows, scripts, or pipelines that were operational prior to the upgrade.  Scheduled software packages are listed below. Please note that these upgrades only impact software used in command-line mode.  Tools and workflows in Galaxy will not be affected.   
  MSI Fellow and Principal Investigator Efi Foufoula-Georgiou (Civil Engineering, St. Anthony Falls Laboratory) is one of the lead investigators on a new $720,000 grant just awarded to the University of Minnesota by the National Science Foundation. The University will be the lead organization in an international, multi-university virtual institute, called Linked Institutions for Future Earth (LIFE), which will study Earth-surface systems with emphasis on watersheds and deltas.  
  MSI Principal Investigators in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science were recently awarded a $1.8 million research grant. Michael Tsapatsis is the lead researcher; Prodromos Daoutidis is also on the research team.  
  MSI participated in the College of Science and Engineering’s Family Fun Fair on November 17, 2012. This annual event, which is designed to introduce children to science and math in fun and interactive ways, had nearly 2,500 participants this year. At the MSI booth, hundreds of kids created models of sodium chloride and methane out of marshmallows, pretzels, and toothpicks. The attendees also watched a 3D visualization of a molecule on a 60” monitor.