Posted on November 22, 2013 The Minnesota Population Center (MPC) was recently awarded $3.2 million to fund a project that will expand the Center’s Integrated Public Use Microdata Series. The project will add data on more than 600 million US individuals, greatly expanding the scope of the database. The OVPR Research blog has an article about the project and the MPC.
posted November 20, 2013 Last weekend, MSI staff members participated in the College of Science and Engineering’s 2013 Math and Science Family Fun Fair. The Fair was held on Saturday, November 16 in Coffman Memorial Union. This annual event is designed for young people to learn about science, technology, engineering, and math in a fun and interesting way. About 4,000 visitors attended this year.
posted on November 19, 2013 Assistant Professor Connie Lu (Chemistry) is featured in a new online publication by the American Chemical Society that highlights recent achievements by young researchers in the field of synthetic inorganic chemistry. The issue is available on the ACS Publications website. 
posted on November 11, 2013 recently published a story about children with a rare skin disorder, epidermolysis bullosa (EB). People affected with this condition have very fragile skin that blisters or breaks easily. EB is painful, disfiguring, and can cause a shorted lifespan. It is a result of genetic mutations that block the body’s ability to make collagen, which is responsible for holding the layers of the skin together.
posted on November 7, 2013
posted on November 1, 2013 The 2013 Nobel Prize for Chemistry, awarded in October 2013, recognized accomplishments in computational chemistry by Martin Karplus, Michel Levitt, and Arieh Warshel. These three chemists are credited with the development of multiscale models to complex chemical systems.
posted on November 1, 2013 On Wednesday, November 6, from 04:00 - 15:00, MSI Staff will perform scheduled maintenance and upgrades to the network and various systems. During this maintenance period, we will be performing the following updates: