2016 OVPR Research Infrastructure Investment Program Grants

Four MSI PIs were among the faculty members who received grants from the 2016 Research Infrastructure Investment Program. These grants, which are awarded by the Office of the Vice President for Research, are designed to ensure that research facilities and support services are suitable for outstanding research.

An article about the grant and a complete list of awardees can be found on the OVPR website: U Research Infrastructure Gets $2.4 Million Boost.

The MSI PIs who received the grants are:

Associate Professor K. Andre Mkhoyan (Chemical Engineering and Materials Science)

FIB/SEM Dual-Beam System for the U of M Characterization Facility

Professor Mkhoyan uses MSI to perform simulations that help them to understand transmission electron microscopy experiments with topological insulators and doped semiconductors.

Associate Professor Connie C. Lu (Chemistry)

Molybdenum Micro-Focus Source Technology for X-ray Diffraction

Professor Lu is studying metal-metal interactions in catalysis, and uses MSI to perform density functional theory calculations that elucidate bonding and electronic structures of the materials under investigation.

Dr. Kenneth Beckman (University of Minnesota Genomics Center)

Pacific Biosciences Sequel System: Bringing Long-Read Next-Gen Sequencing to the U of M

MSI works with the UMGC to develop genomic analysis software.

Associate Professor Timothy Johnson (Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences)

Rapid Sequencing Capacity to Transform Collaborative Animal Agriculture Research in Minnesota

Professor Johnson uses MSI to perform genomics research that studies multidrug resistance in humans and animals and to develop a way to use microbes to mimic effects of antibiotics for sustainable animal agriculture.