MSI will have an extended downtime period on December 7, 2016. Aside from our usual system maintenance, MSI will be working with a contractor to perform room integrity tests as part of an upgrade to the fire suppression system in our main data center, room B40. The testing will begin at 6am and will require a complete shutdown of all IT equipment in our data center in B40. Most systems should be able to return to service by 5pm. Since all filesystems will be unavailable for much of the day on 7 December, MSI suggests you stage time-critical data as necessary to external systems.
The Blue Waters project has issued a call for applications for its Graduate Fellowship Program for HPC Research. PhD students selected for this program will receive a stipend, tuition allowance, an allocation on the Blue Waters system, and a travel allowance to attend a Blue Waters-sponsored symposium. Preference will be given to applicants who have a multidisciplinary research project.
MSI PI Christy Haynes (Chemistry) is on The Analytic Scientist’s 2016 Power List. This list, the magazine’s first to include all women, features 50 scientists who represent analytical sciences. An article appears on the chemistry department’s website.
Three MSI PIs were featured in a conversation on Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) recently.
Professor Samuel Myers (Humphrey School of Public Affairs) is featured in the U’s Fall 2016 Driven to Discover campaign. Professor Myers is part of the “Protect Human Rights” section of the campaign. He has been using MSI’s supercomputers for computer-analysis studies of disparities, discrimination, access, opportunity, and transparency for the New Jersey Department of Transportation.
Professor Theresa Reineke, an MSI PI in the Department of Chemistry, and colleagues have published a paper that describes a new method of creating excipients, the materials that help medicines dissolve in the body. This has significant implications for drug development, since the efficacy of new drugs can be limited by their lack of solubility. The paper was published in the journal ACS Central Science.
A three-year grant from the U.S. Department of Energy will be used to fund fundamental research into materials, work that could have implications for technologies such as data storage, superconductors, fuel cells, and electrical power plants. MSI PI Rafael Fernandes (Physics and Astronomy) is a member of the new Center for Quantum Materials, which is an interdisciplinary center that will study complex oxides.