MSI PI Suo Yang (assistant professor, Mechanical Engineering) has received a Young Faculty Award from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The three-year award totals over $980,000. Professor Yang and his research group will use the award to study sonic booms, with the goal of minimizing the energy and environmental impacts of supersonic and hypersonic flight.
U-Spatial has named the winners for their 2021 Mapping Prizes. This annual event, which is open to students at the University of Minnesota, honors provocative and innovative map-making. See the winners on the Spatial University website: U-Spatial Mapping Prize. Submissions for the 2022 competition are due on May 13, 2022. The link to the submission information is on the U-Spatial Mapping Prize page linked above.
MSI PI Erin Sheets (professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry, UMD; associate dean, Swenson College of Science and Engineering, UMD) has been named a fellow of the IAspire Leadership Academy, a leadership program that helps STEM faculty from underrepresented groups attain leadership roles at colleges and universities.
MSI PI Sophia Yohe (associate professor, Laboratory Medicine and Pathology) is a co-investigator on a clinical trial that aims to reduce disparities in cervical-cancer screening in Somali American women. The team, which includes researchers from the U of M and the University of Washington, was awarded $2.9M from the National Cancer Institute. The researchers are investigating whether offering HPV self-sampling will increase cancer screening rates.
MSI PIs Fang Li  (professor, Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences) and Marc Jenkins (Regents Professor, Microbiology and Immunology) and their colleagues have developed a novel vaccine that might be effective against COVID-19 and its variants. The vaccine combines the advantages of virus-based and protein-based vaccines.
Research by MSI PIs Donald Wyse (professor, Agronomy and Plant Genetics) and David Marks (professor, Plant and Microbial Biology) is featured in a recent story on the Office of the Vice President for Research Inquiry blog. Professors Wyse and Marks are developing the plant pennycress for use as a cover crop.
Mastitis, an infection of mammary tissue, is a serious problem in dairy cows, requiring the use of antibiotics. There is increasing pressure on the dairy industry to reduce antibiotic use, and researchers are studying alternatives to treat mastitis.