3/14/13: MSI PIs Receive Teaching Awards


Three MSI PIs have received the Award for Outstanding Contributions to Postbaccalaureate, Graduate, and Professional Education, which recognizes excellence in teaching.


Professor Jerry Cohen (Horticultural Science) uses MSI as part of a project to develop robust methods for stable isotope labeling of plant proteins.


Professor Keshab Parhi (Electrical and Computer Engineering) is working on two projects that use MSI resources. The first deals with feature computation and classification of biomedical signal processing systems and the second concerns communications systems. 


Associate Professor Lisa Schimmenti (Pediatrics) uses Galaxy and other software packages to store and analyze data output from the Biomedical Genomics Center as part of her studies of renal coloboma syndrome, a disorder causing severe disabling eye abnormalities and kidney failure.


The awards were announced in the March 13 People section of the University News site.