3/15/13: MSI Researchers Receive Patent


The OVPR’s Research and Business blogs periodically publish lists of University researchers who have been awarded patents. The most recent list includes a patent that relates to work that the faculty members are doing using MSI resources.


Professor Perry Li and Professor Thomas Chase, both in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, were awarded a patent for a “Pulse Width Modulated Fluidic Valve.” Professor Li’s MSI research involves computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analyses of hydraulic components, which includes the development of innovative fluid power components, such as digital hydraulic valves, that are compact and efficient. MSI resources are used to perform CFD and heat transfer studies to gain understanding of the physics and to enable improved design. Professor Chase wishes to create extremely efficient proportional valves for pneumatic systems by exploiting Micro-Electrical Mechanical Systems technology. This project uses MSI resources to simulate the performance of the valve and for optimization of the design.