3D Printing a Deformable Sensor


New research by MSI PIs Hyun Soo Park (professor, Computer Science and Engineering) and Michael McAlpine (professor, Mechanical Engineering) and PhD student Zhijie Zhu (McAlpine research group) describes a way of 3D printing a sensor on an organ that is expanding and contracting. The method uses motion-capture technology and may eventually allow for monitoring of the lungs of COVID-19 patients.

A story about this research appears on the University of Minnesota website as a Research Brief: New Discovery Allows 3D Printing of Sensors Directly on Expanding Organs. The article can be found on the Science Advances journal website: 3D printed deformable sensors

Professor Park uses MSI resources for research building human visual intelligence using videos. Professor McAlpine uses MSI resources to support research into 3D printed materials and devices.