7/26/13: Cancer Treatments for Dogs Also Help People


The University of Minnesota Foundation recently published an interview with Professor Jaime Modiano (Veterinary Clinical Sciences), an MSI PI and director of the Animal Cancer Care and Research program in the School of Veterinary Medicine. Professor Modiano and his colleagues have developed a treatment method for brain cancer in dogs that combines immunotherapy and surgery. It has been so successful that the Food and Drug Administration has given the treatment accelerated approval for testing in humans.


Professor Modiano’s comparative studies of tumors in dogs, mice, and humans have allowed them to find evolutionarily conserved molecular abnormalities that contribute to the origin and progression of these tumors. His group uses MSI resources to perform studies to study the genomes and transcriptomes of various types of tumors. Professor Modiano’s colleague, the late Dr. John Ohlfest, who is mentioned in the introduction to the interview, was also an MSI PI.


You can read the interview with Professor Modiano on the UM Foundation’s website