Advancing Towards a Blood Test for Ovarian Cancer


Research by MSI PI Amy Skubitz (Laboratory Medicine and Pathology; Masonic Cancer Center) is featured in a University Research Brief. A recently published study by Professor Skubitz and her colleagues used a new technology that allows a patient’s blood to be tested for multiple protein biomarkers. Certain biomarkers are indicators of the presence of cancer, but screening for just one of these is not enough to give good results. With the new method, researchers were able to identify different levels of 92 different biomarkers in each patient’s blood. This research is a step towards development of a blood test for ovarian cancer. The Research Brief can be read on the University’s News website: Research Brief: Developing a Blood Test to Screen for Ovarian Cancer.

Professor Skubitz uses MSI for genomic and proteomic studies to discover and validate biomarkers that can be used for ovarian-cancer detection.