April Maintenance

On Wednesday, April 3, 2019, MSI staff will perform scheduled maintenance and upgrades to various MSI systems. Primary Storage, Mesabi, and Itasca will be unavailable throughout much of the day.

A global system reservation will start at 5:00 a.m. on April 3. Jobs that cannot be completed before 5:00 a.m. on April 3 will be held until after maintenance and then started once the system returns to production status.

April maintenance will include:

  • Mesabi OS updates
  • Itasca OS updates
  • Windows OS updates
  • Update of default software modules for the GNU and PGI compilers to newer versions. Several other modules will also receive updates to their default version.

Systems status is always available on our Status page.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the MSI Help Desk through our online Support Request Form, via email at help@msi.umn.edu, or by calling 612-626-0802.