Biodiversity and Ecological Stability

Ecology and Environment

A new study in the prestigious journal Science examined 28 years of data collected from the University’s Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve (CCESR) and showed that biological diversity may be the key to keeping ecosystems stable. Co-authors on the study include three MSI Principal Investigators: Regents Professor David Tilman (Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior); Associate Professor Eric Seabloom (Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior); and Regents Professor Peter Reich (Forest Resources). The study’s lead investigator was Yann Hautier, a Marie Curie Fellow associated with the College of Biological Sciences and the University of Oxford, U.K.

MSI works with the CCESR to manage the huge datasets that have been collected for decades at the site. These data and metadata are made available to researchers and the general public through the CCESR website.

A story about this research appeared on the University’s Discover blog. The article appears on the Science website.