Cancer Drug for Dogs Could Help Humans


MSI PI Jaime Modiano, a professor in the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences, is a co-author on a study that showed that a new UMN-developed drug significantly lengthened the life of dogs with a fast-spreading and incurable cancer called hemangiosarcoma. The researchers are excited about this result and hope that it can eventually be extended to treatment for human cancers. The College of Veterinary Medicine website has a story about this paper: Drug developed at U of M increases survival in dogs with cancer; shows potential for use in humans. The story was also shown on tv station KARE-11 and the website GoMN.

Professor Modiano and his group use MSI resources for genetics research into the origin and behavior of cancer in dogs, mice, and humans. An article about his research appeared on the MSI website in January 2016: Genetic Differences in Osteosarcoma Subtypes.