Commercialization of Novel Composite Materials

posted on October 29, 2013

Professor Chris Macosko (Chemical Engineering and Materials Science) is a co-leader of a multidisciplinary team researching how to create strong, durable composite materials that are cost-efficient to manufacture. Professor Macosko, an expert in polymers, has been working with Professor Andreas Stein (Chemistry) on a project funded by Artiman Ventures, a Palo Alto venture-capital company that is interested in new techniques for making these materials. The group has developed a technology that involves graphene nanoparticles; this technology has a patent pending through the University of Minnesota and was recently licensed by Adama Materials through the U’s Office for Technology Commercialization. This is the first research sponsored by Minnesota Innovation Partnerships (MN-IP) to have a license deal finalized. An article about this research and how MN-IP helps support the development of new technologies can be found on the OVPR’s Business blog.

Professor Macosko uses MSI resources to process and analyze three-dimensional images of multiphase polymer microstructures.