COVID-19 Risk Factor Modeling Challenge


The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Innovation Ecosystem has launched the COVID-19 Risk Factor Modeling Challenge. This opportunity may be of interest to MSI users.

From the challenge information:

In this challenge, we present participants with a training data set and a test data set consisting of synthetic Veteran patient health records. Participants will develop computational algorithms to model the risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection and severe outcomes of COVID-19 illness in the Veteran population. The model will be used to predict COVID-19 status, days hospitalized, days in the ICU, controlled ventilation status, and mortality for each synthetic Veteran in the test data set. We encourage participants to use demographic data and the presence of comorbidities when developing their model to help precisionFDA and the VHA Innovation Ecosystem better understand how race, ethnicity, age, and comorbidities can affect the progression of COVID-19.

We will evaluate model performance separately for each of the five predicted outcomes.

Selected participants will be publicly recognized and invited to contribute to a scientific manuscript describing the challenge and results. Selected participants may also have opportunities to present at a conference and continue solution development with the VHA Innovation Ecosystem.

The challenge began on June 2 and ends on July 3. For complete information, go to the Challenge website.