Driven to Discover: Treating Canine Cancer Can Help Humans, Too

Veterinary Medicine

Research by MSI PIs Jaime Modiano (professor, Veterinary Clinical Sciences) and David Largaespada (professor, Pediatrics) is featured in the University of Minnesota’s 2019-20 Driven to Discover campaign. They have developed a drug that is resulting in improved survival rates for a fatal cancer in dogs. This cancer is similar to a form of human cancer, so the drug holds promise as a treatment for humans as well as their canine friends.

The story can be found on the Driven to Discover website: From Paws to Possibilities.

Professor Modiano uses MSI for genetic and genomic studies of cancer risks and treatments. Professor Largaespada uses MSI in support of studies of insertional metagenesis for cancer gene discover and functional genomics in mice.