Evidence From the Big Bang

posted on March 18, 2014

Professor Clement Pryke, an MSI Principal Investigator in the School of Physics and Astronomy, is one of the co-leaders of the team that made headlines around the world yesterday with their announcement that they have discovered evidence of the period immediately after the Big Bang. Professor Pryke is a member of the BICEP2 Collaboration, a group that uses the BICEP2 telescope, in Antarctica, to study the cosmic microwave background. Other team leaders include researchers from Harvard University, the California Institute of Technology, and Stanford University.

Professor Pryke uses MSI resources to support the massive computational effort necessary to analyze data from the BICEP2 and Keck-Array telescopes.

Some of the many stories about the BICEP2 results can be found on the University News Service website, the University’s Discover website, the Minnesota Public Radio website, and the Minneapolis Star-Tribune