Filtering Particulate Matter From the Atmosphere

Ecology and Environment

Particulate matter, tiny particles of sulfates, nitrates, and carbon found in air pollution, is a serious health hazard. MSI PI David Pui (Regents Professor, Mechanical Engineering) and his team are working with researchers in India to install 60-foot towers that will filter these particles out of the air. This project continues research that involved modeling such towers in locations around Beijing, China. That project, which also involved MSI PI Lian Shen (professor, Mechanical Engineering; Director, St. Anthony Falls Laboratory) was featured on the MSI website in August 2018: Modeling an Air-Pollution Filtration System.

A story about the project in India appears on the College of Science and Engineering website: Curbing Air Pollution With Purification Towers.

Professor Pui is the head of the mechanical engineering department’s Center for Filtration Research and Particle Technology Laboratory, both of which use MSI resources for their research.