The Future of Clean Water in Minnesota

Ecology and Environment

A new project at the Institute on the Environment, called “Informed water management: Mapping scarcity, threats, and values,” will study Minnesota water supply’s quantity and quality and what risks may affect it in the future. MSI Principal Investigator Tracy Twine (Soil, Water, and Climate) is one of the three co-leads of the project, along with Bonnie Keeler and Kate Brauman. This project is being funded by the Minnesota Environmental and Natural Resources Trust Fund.

Professor Twine will be using MSI resources for this project, which maps and models Minnesota’s water risk. The Twine group is also using MSI to investigate the threat to agriculture posed by an invasive species, the brown marmorated stink bug. Both these projects require running the Weather Forecast Model on the supercomputers.

An article about this project appears on the Institute on the Environment website.